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  1. Iraqi Organization for woman and future 22nd December 2018 at 12:43 #

    Tittle of project : Short Technical Assistance for One Short-Term INAP Legal Editor. Iraqi Organization for woman and future ( IOWAF) has conducted survey in Anbar that 95% women have no information of INAP and UNSC resolution #1325 and the recommendation of project conference under the name " Women in Anbar be more safe with resolution #1325 in Dec. 15 / 2018 " were included also our legal board are monitoring the INAP impact on women in Anbar and discus the legal gaps of the plan.



    - Strengthening the means of protection and rapid intervention to protect women and their exclusion from areas of armed conflict or that are expected to be theaters of conflict
    - Training military, security and health personnel that are interested in providing urgent services.
    - Empowering women to access leadership positions in all state institutions including courts of different degrees.
    - Madding efforts required to contain displaced persons and returnees according to their situation to fully enjoy their human rights as called for in Security Council resolution 1325 and all international obligations and conventions in this area.
    - Monitoring and implementing budgets that support programs and policies, which concerns the support of displaced and returning women.
    - Training the competent and intermediate cadres in the medical and health fields on all physical and psychological specialties, on how to deal with displaced and returning women to alleviate their suffering and pain which she has faced and continues to suffer and enable her to access these services.
    - Training women who are displaced and returnee on skills that are commensurate with their qualifications and desires finding jobs for them to enable them to find income sources for themselves and their families supported by them.
    - Taking measures to limit the impact of social legacies which intersect with the inhuman view of the mirror and reinforce the inferior view and concepts of discrimination based on gender.
    - Acting on law enforcement not to be lenient with the perpetrators against women under any pretext.
    - Reviewing the laws in force and cancelling all articles which permit violence and discrimination against women which give the perpetrators lighter excuses or issuing judicial sentences with a stay of execution considering such crimes as ordinary crimes requiring the enforcement of the sentence.
    - Reviewing the educational curricula deleting everything referred to violence against women and the girl child and replacing them with methods that promote a culture of respect and treatment for women according to humanitarian concepts and integrating the gender concept into them.


    - Madding efforts to train government cadres and civil society organizations in order to increase expertise to deal with displaced women and survivors of sexual violence of women who experienced violence in general and to those who have been subjected to the violence of ISIS terrorist gangs and sexual violence in particular.
    - Monitoring budgets to support targeted projects to achieve the human rights of women generally and to combat violence against women and all its forms in particular.


    - Organizing studies and researches to diagnose and monitor cases of violations which are exposed by Iraqi women in general
    - Intensifying the ties of partnership with the organs of the state through activities concerned with women's affairs and against violence against it

    4- Reconstruction of INAP and the emergency plan of resolution #1325
    5- Lack of settlement of resolution 1325, there is no prevention plan, and there is no early warning.
    6- Lack of social welter units in Anbar.
    7- There are not measurements indicators of INAP results of resolution #1325
    8- Increase of participation of active organizations.
    9- Emergency Call for scientific conference for teenagers ( 18 years ) and disable young to build capable generations for the future to participate in civil life

  2. Habib 24th December 2018 at 01:19 #

    Many thanks for your comment on this tender opportunity. If you are interested in applying, please contact the relevant person/s listed within the Tender documentation.

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