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Lesson One - Learning Iraqi Arabic

Ryan, an American in Iraq, approaches Karim, an Iraqi, on a street in Baghdad. Ryan:  MarHaba, ustaath.                                       Hello, sir. راين: مَرحَبا أُستاذ. Karim:  Ahlan wa sahlan.  Shlohnak.                     Hello.  How are you? کریم: أهلاً وسَهلاً ، شلونَك Ryan:  Zehn.  Al Hamdulillah.  Aani ismi Ryan. Good.  Praise be to God.  My name is Ryan. راين: زین ، […]

Textbooks Sale Ban in Basrah Markets

Vice education and teaching department manager in the governing council, Ghanim Abed Al-Amir, disclosed the arrest of someone stealing books from the school supply department He stated to eye media "The person stealing the textbooks is working as a guard near the school supply department. He was sneaking in at night. A large number of […]

Romania Offers 10 Scholarships to Iraq

The Romanian government has offered the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education 10 graduate scholarships. “There are three scholarships to earn a masters degree, and seven to earn the doctorate grade,” the Ministry said in a release on Sunday received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. It explained that the scholarships embrace the fields of biotechnology, medical […]

Kuwaitis Visit Ahl al-Bayt University

A Kuwaiti scientific and cultural delegation paid a visit to Ahl al-Bayt University in Karbala on Wednesday, the head of the university’s press department said. “The Kuwaiti delegation includes a number of professors and students from different Kuwaiti universities,” Dr. Mohammad Abd Fihan told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The visit aims to acquaint delegates with […]

50 Schools for Missan

Local officials in Missan announced the start of work to build 50 elementary schools in the province at a cost of more than 13 billion Iraqi dinars as part of the Marshes Recovery Budget 2010. “A consortium of local companies embarked on building 50 prefab elementary schools all over Missan at a cost of 13.250 […]


Iraqi عربي English marHaba مَرحَبا hello ustaath أستاذ sir, professor ahlan wa sahlan أهلاً وسَهلاً hello, welcome Shlohnak? شلونَك How are you? zehn زین good al Hamdulillah الحَمدُلله‌ praise be to God aani آني I ismi إسمي my name Tsharrafna تشَرفنا Nice to meet you (you honor us). Wili ishsharraf وإلي الشَرَف And nice to […]

54 Schools Established in Diwaniya

The U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), in cooperation with the local government of Diwaniya has established 54 schools at a cost of $20 million throughout the province, according to a team media advisor . “The modern schools will replace the clay schools throughout the province,” Ahmad al-Qasier told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, noting that the […]

Khuzai: State aid for gifted students

The Minister of Education Khudair Khuzaie, asserted his support for gifted students, and the need to provide for  scientific and educational supplies and moral support. He pointed to the importance of allowing talented students to study abroad at the expense of the State. According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Ministry […]

36 Primary Schools for Missan

Thirty-six primary schools have been constructed in Missan province to replace mud schools, a local media director said on Tuesday. “A group of local companies have built 36 primary schools to replace mud schools in the province, totaling 60,” Mohammed Hamza Lafta told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. Four other schools have reached more than 90 […]

Student cash to be released

The Finance Ministry is preparing to release the financial needs within the High Education ministry’s budget, according to a ministerial statement. “Finance Minister, Baqer al-Zubaidi instructed the accounting department in the ministry to release 100% of the financial needs of university students within the Ministry of High Education,” said the statement received by Aswat al-Iraq […]