RSK Hiring Iraqi Staff

Just a year after it opened, the RSK combined geotechnical–environmental laboratory outside Basra, Iraq, is aiming to expand its services and recruit more young scientists to augment its staff of nearly 20.

The RSK Iraq laboratory, which has been operational since May 2014, is the first combined geoenvironmental laboratory in Iraq to achieve this International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) accreditation.

It carries out testing work for multinational oil and gas companies and leading international consultants involved in construction and environmental clean-up operations, most often centred around the country’s burgeoning oil and gas industries. Previously, these companies had to rely on expensive and time-consuming movement of samples to laboratories outside the country for detailed analysis.

A small team of management staff from RSK’s UK laboratories trains and supervises a growing band of graduate scientists from nearby Iraqi neighbourhoods. This enables the laboratory to operate to international standards and remain competitive in the Iraq market. There is also a free sample pick-up service within the Basra area.

The laboratory has been particularly active in serving Shell’s super-giant Majnoon oilfield, which is 60 km from Basra, and BP’s expanding Rumaila oilfield.

The environmental side of the laboratory carries out a range of sophisticated instrumental organic analyses to supporting RSK engineers and scientists undertaking detailed studies of soil and groundwater quality for international oil giants actively remediating and protecting the environment and human health from the issues of oilfield operation.

The laboratory also provides data analyses to inform the risk assessment and design of contaminated land remediation schemes and the validation of soil and groundwater clean-up targets where historic oil spills have accumulated during previous operations.

‎Sean Gamble, RSK director and Iraq country manager, said:

There is a growing number of geotechnical investigation companies and construction contractors working out of Iraq Energy City and on nearby operations. Consequently, there is a great appetite for the kind of analysis our laboratory can provide, so we are ramping up our capacity and our offering to these third parties.

“We have jobs to offer to recently graduated geologists, chemists, environmentalists and engineers. If you are from one of the local universities and have a recent degree in these disciplines, we would be very interested in talking to you.

The established laboratory experts will provide training for the new intake of scientists and analysts.

RSK is a fully integrated, environmental, health, safety and engineering services company offering engineering, science and technical support services in Iraq, employing over 1,000 staff worldwide and with a turnover in excess of USD105 million (IQD122 billion).

For further details, please contact RSK in Iraq on +964 (0)781 038 2154 or email

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