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Army Engineer Accused of Iraq Contract Bribes

Federal authorities say a U.S. Army engineer took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes for funneling Iraq reconstruction contracts to friends, building a $1.1 million mansion with the proceeds. John Alfy Salama Markus, 38, was arrested at his home on Wednesday and charged in New Jersey with money laundering and conspiracy to commit bribery […]

Weekly Security Update for 14th October 2010

National Overview The total number of officially reported hostile incidents increased nationally by eight to 123. Baghdad again accounted for the largest proportion of incidents with hostile activity largely characterised by assassinations of Iraqi Security Forces and Government of Iraq personnel rather than indiscriminate attacks. With the government formation process finally starting to gain momentum […]

US Military Supplies Iraq with F-16s

Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, spokesman of the U.S. military in Iraq, says that Washington agrees on supply Iraq with F-16 military aircraft, shortly after the US's full withdrawal from the country by the end of December 2011. The General told AKnews that the abilities and skills of the Iraqi air forces have improved, and they will […]


Currency Counterfeiters Caught in Basra

An Iraqi police source said that army forces arrested a gang of currency counterfeiters during a security operation in Basra 550 km south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The official source said that the gang consisted of two people, and the security forces found nearly $90,000 [105 million Iraqi dinars] of counterfeit currency on site, […]

Invest in Iraq Now or Miss Out, Says U.S. Envoy

American companies should invest in Iraq now to avoid losing out on opportunities to other international firms, Under Secretary of Commerce Francisco Sanchez said during a trade mission to Iraq. According to the report in Reuters, he urged corporate leaders to hurry while acknowledging that security concerns remained high. "The time is now. I think […]

Weekly Security Update For 7th October 2010

National Overview The total number of officially reported hostile incidents nationally increased very slightly from 112 to 115.  Once again hostile activity in Baghdad accounted for approximately half of all incidents, making Baghdad by far the most dangerous part of the country for five weeks running.  Assassination attacks against Iraqi Security Forces and Government of […]

Mines Advisory Group’s Iraq Report, August 2010

MAG (pronounced "Mag") – Mines Advisory Group – is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide. Summary of outputs: • MAG teams released 303,874 m2 of land through a combination of electronic, hand mechanical, MDD clearance and area reduction • MAG teams removed and […]

Iraq Takes Step Closer to Forming Government

Nouri al-Maliki has made progress in his bid to retain power, having secured the backing of the main Shi'ite parliamentary bloc for his re-nomination for the post of Prime Minister. He notably received support from the self-exiled, hard-line cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, leading to increased concerns amongst the Sunni population. Al-Maliki still requires the support of […]

UAE Firm Offers to Invest in Boca Prison

Basra's Governor, Shaltagh Abboud al-Mayah met with the director general of UAE-based firm in recent days to discuss a possible investment in the site of the former prison at Boca [Camp Bucca]. “The discussions were fruitful,” said a statement issued by the local authorities in Basra, and reported by Aswat al-Iraq. The company’s director general […]

Iraqi Census Delayed Again

Iraq again postponed its first census in more than two decades because of political wrangling over disputed areas in the country's north, deputy planning minister Mehdi al-Alak said on Sunday, according to a report from AFP. The October 24 census has now been delayed until December 5, the latest in a string of deferrals that […]

Weekly Security Update for 30th September 2010

National Overview The total number of officially reported hostile incidents nationally increased, returning to the expected rate during this reporting period. 112 incidents were recorded last week compared to 75 the week before. Hostile activity in Baghdad accounted for approximately half the total number incidents, more than double the number of incidents recorded in Baghdad […]

Iraq to Buy 1,000 Police Dogs from US

The Iraqi Interior Ministry says it is negotiating the import of 1,000 police dogs from the United States. “The ministry will sign a contract for the purchase of 1,000 police dogs to help police in their searches for explosives,” said Brigadier Salah Abdulsultan, according to a report from Azzaman. Abdulsultan said Iraq currently has 32 […]