LESSON 3: TAXI RIDE TO THE HOTEL Ryan approaches a taxi parked at the curb of a busy Baghdad street. Ryan:  Il’afuu, akhi. راين: العفو ، أخي . Excuse me, sir. Taxi driver AHmed:  Na’am, ustaath    ! أحمد سائق التاکسي : نعم ، أُستاذ ! !                    Yes, sir  ! Ryan:  Inta tu’ruf wehn finduq Baghdad? […]

Agricultural improvement in Wasset

The Agriculture Directorate in Wasset region has said that the production of greenhouse tomatoes reached half a kilogram for each. The directorate added that it expects Wasset to become a potatoe exporter next season after improvements in production. The Directorate said that the change for the better mainly comes as a result of using greenhouses. […]

Port Company Condemns Minister's Wrong Decisions

Hundreds of Iraqi port company officials rallied in a peaceful protest Thursday in front of the company's building in Basrah condemning the decisions of transport minister, Amer Abed Al-Jebar Ishmael, due to his alleged waste of company money on fake projects. Protesters raised signs demanding that the company grant them land according to occupational criteria. […]

ISX Trading Hits ID584m at Weekend’s Session

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) trading activities this week hit more than 584 million Iraqi dinars (roughly $499,000) as rates of shares of 13 companies went down and 12 up out of a total 41 firms that traded in today’s session. Some 292 million shares exchanged hands at 584.548 million dinars through 236 deals, with […]

Trade Ministry Activates Role of Commercial Attache`s

The General Manager of Economic Relations in the Ministry of Trade, Hashim Mohammed Hatim, has emphasized the economic role which Commercial Attachés abroad are playing. In a statement issued by the Ministry received by Aswat Aliraq Hatim he said that, ” We have started a broad programme throughout our departments and together with the cooperation […]

Kurdistan Trade Delegation at Paris Conference.

A delegation of Kurdistan traders were to take part on Thursday in an expanded conference in Paris, chairman of the Kurdistan’s exporters and importers union said. “The delegation included 32 traders from Kurdistan region’s provinces; Arbil, Sulaimaniya, Duhuk and will take part in the expanded trade conference, which will begin on Thursday (May 27) in […]

Finance Minister Launches ID200b Project in Baghdad

Iraqi Finance Minister Baqer Jabr al-Zubaydi announced on Thursday that his ministry has earmarked 200 billion Iraqi dinars for the 10×10 project in the eastern Baghdad district of Sadr City, according to a press release. “During a meeting with the municipal council of Sadr City, Zubaydi called for investing the sum this year in the […]

CBI Dollar Sales Go Down to $118m

The Central Bank of Iraq’s (CBI) dollar sales went down to reach $118.416 million in its daily auction on Thursday, compared to $135.430 in the previous session. “The demand hit $60,000 in cash, covered at an exchange rate of 1,183 Iraqi dinars per dollar, and $118.356 million in foreign transfers outside the country, covered at […]

Gas Factories to Exchange Plastic Cylinders

Oil ministry's media spokesman, Asem Jihad, said that the ministry has ordered all gas-selling stations and gas factories in Baghdad to exchange plastic cylinders for metal ones. Jihad added in a statement to NMC that the ministry imported 100 thousand plastic gas cylinders within its contract It is waiting allocations to import large amounts of […]

Amwag Starts US$238m Housing And Hotel Project

Iraqi-owned Amwag International announced on Monday a housing and hotel project worth US$238m in the heart of Baghdad, while more companies want to invest in the country after the security situation stabilised. Iraq, which has suffered because of decades of war and sanctions, is trying to attract foreign investors to help rebuilding its destroyed infrastructure […]

Western Diplomats Assure Commitment to Boost Oil Output in Basra

US Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill said Tuesday the international community was committed to helping Iraq increase its oil production. Hill, on a visit to Basra within a delegation of British, Dutch, Japanese and Italian diplomats as well as executives from international oil companies, said the US and other countries sought to speed up the […]

Western Zagros Updates Kurdamir 1

WesternZagros Resources Ltd. is continuing concerted efforts to bring the Kurdamir-1 well safely under control. The operational status of the well is unchanged; it remains shut-in, and there has been no release of hydrocarbons or hydrogen sulphide (H2S) at the surface. There have been no injuries. Specialists from Boots & Coots International Well Control Inc. […]