Oil Output Rises as Leaks Fixed

By John Lee.

Oil officials confirmed on Monday that a leaking pipeline in the south of the country had been repaired, but planned work at the al-Basra Oil Terminal (ABOT) was continuing to restrict exports.

The leaking pipeline had caused a drop in output from the Rumaila oilfield.

Reuters reports that Iraq had restored normal output from the southern oilfields on Sunday after repairing the leak to an ageing pipeline buried three metres underground, which was caused by corrosion.

We are planning to pump higher crude shipments for the rest of September to compensate for the reduced exports due to the pipeline leak,” a senior oil said. Iraq will also evaluate all its key oil pipelines in the south to avoid future disruption from technical problems.

We reached a decision to push ahead with building new key pipelines in the south to make sure we have plan B for any possible disruption to crude flow,” the official added.

(Source: Reuters)

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