1st Residential Compound for Orphans in Karbala

A local company has begun construction work on a residential compound for the orphans in Karbala, the first project of its kind in the province. “The project is the first to be carried out by a non-governmental institution in al-Imam Awn area (15 km north of Karbala),” Aamer al-Shook, the founder of al-Mabra Institution, which […]

Process to Remove Drowned Ships Continues

Iraqi Transport Ministry succeeded in removing part of the ship, Palestine, which was hit and drowned at an Iraqi port during one of the wars in Iraq. “The port is in southern Iraq,” said a release issued by the Ministry on Thursday and received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

GBI, Iraq Sign Multimillion Dollar Deal

The Qatar-based Gulf Bridge International (GBI) and the Iraq Telecommunications and Post Company (ITPC), a leading telecom company in the country signed a $445m deal to establish a landing for GBI's advanced submarine telecommunication fiber-optic cable in Iraq, here yesterday. The GBI-ITPC agreement is the first in a series of Landing Party Agreements that the […]

Investment Commission Asked to Account for $2.2m

The provincial council in Najaf has asked the local investment commission to account for the spending of $2.2 million U.S. dollars (2.5 billion Iraqi dinars), which will be allocated for the Najaf Airways Company. “During its Wednesday session, the council called on the investment commission to submit an outline of the proposed projects that will […]

2 Bridges Completed in Amara

An Iraqi firm completed two bridges in central Amara city at a total cost of around $35.6 million. “Work on the two bridges began in May 2008,” Engineer Naji al-Lami, who supervised the project, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the length of each bridge is around 586 meters. Amara, the capital city […]

Baghdad Mayoralty Starts Work on Dh38m Bridge

The Baghdad Mayoralty has commenced building work on a new bridge in the capital's eastern side of Al Rasafa at a total cost of 12 billion Iraqi dinars (Dh38.2 million), an official statement said on Sunday. "In co-operation with a specialised local company, engineers from the Baghdad Mayoralty have begun work on Sahet Al Khulafaa […]

Basra Council to Build International Research Centers

The provincial council in Basra has agreed with companies to build international research centers and to bring in foreign experts to train Iraqi personnel, a local official said on Sunday. “The centers will be in the areas of planning, health, electricity and construction…,” an official from the local reconstruction committee, Mostafa Atiya, told Aswat al-Iraq […]

Starting Process of Vehicle's Property Transferring

The Director of General Directorate of Traffic Police Gen. Jafar Ti'ma Khadim has confirmed that his Directorate will commence on Sunday to transfer the property of recently imported vehicles from the new importer. Media National Center quoted Khadim as saying" the new buyers will be able to register the car bought from the importer and […]

Baghdad Mayoralty to Construct New Bridge

The Baghdad Mayoralty has commenced building work on a new bridge in the capital's eastern side of al-Rasafa at a total cost of 12 billion Iraqi dinars, an official statement said on Sunday. "In cooperation with a specialized local company, engineers from the Baghdad Mayoralty have begun work on Sahet al-Khulafaa Bridge in Bab al-Muadham […]

Mosul Airport Reopens Today- Official

The Mosul Airport will resume operation this evening after a contract has been renewed with a security company for a further two months, the Ninewa governor said on Saturday. “The Ministry of Transportation has renewed its contract with the foreign security firm assigned to protect the Mosul Airport for another two months,” Governor Athil al-Nujaifi […]