Future of Iraq's Oil Deals Uncertain

In Iraq’s fevered political climate, no deal makes everyone happy, and the oil contracts could easily become a casualty as Iyad Allawi, the declared winner in last month’s election, begins the messy process of stitching together a governing coalition.

More Business at Iraqi Ports

The Iraqi ports of Umm Qasr and Abu Falous continue to receive a steady flow of merchant ships carrying varied cargos.  Ships from Panama, the United States, Liberia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates have recently arrived containing various cargoes including pipes, iron, fuel and cement. Mr. Iain Blake, Senior Broker at Anglo Arab Insurance […]

Iraq to increase oil export

"The Oil ministry plans to increase the oil production in April to about 59 million barrels in order to increase the revenues to 267 million dollars." The representative of the oil ministry Abdul Karim Al Luaibi told The Independent National News Agency.