Getting This Show on the Road

Nearly two months after the elections in Iraq, the outcome has become even more uncertain, as votes for several candidates with alleged ties to the Ba'ath Party were disqualified on Monday. Further disqualification decisions have reportedly been postponed until next week. In the meantime, Ayad Allawi, whose Iraqiya party has a two-seat lead over Nouri […]

Basra Tender on the Table

Companies have until 5 May to prequalify to compete for the rehabilitation and expansion of the existing export facilities and pipelines in the southern oil hub city of Basra, Reuters said.

Berham Salih Seeks Opening Free Trade Turf Between Turkey and Kurdistan

Kurdistan president, Dr. Berham Salih, discussed the double relations between his region and Turkey, and ways to develop reinforce these relations with the Turkish consul in Erbil. According to a press statement issued by the region government, the two sides discussed opening the airway between Sulaimania, Erbil and Turkey to improve travel for citizens, companies […]

Kirkuk Cotton Gin Underway

Nine stages of the reconstruction and development of a cotton gin project in Kirkuk have been finalized, according to an official source. “Nine stages of the project have been finalized at a total cost of 12 billion Iraqi dinars,” Farouq Bakr told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The gin’s daily capacity will reach 180 tons,” he […]