fDi Intelligence Global Outlook Report 2011

fDi Intelligence reports on foreign direct investment’s cautious recovery. The Global Outlook Report is an essential guide to what happened in the global FDI market in 2010 plus forecasts for 2011 using the latest figures released by fDi Markets.

Global Outlook Report reveals key trends

Which locations are thriving? Which locations are achieving strong growth? Which were the best and worst performing sectors, and which business activities are most popular for projects? A wealth of high value data drawn from fDi Markets, plus invaluable expert analysis.

Greenfield foreign direct investment, a key driver of economic growth and recovery, declined again in 2010 for the second year running with a 16% decline in capital investment and 0.38% decline in project numbers, according to the report. The 2 million new jobs created by FDI projects in 2010 were the lowest on record for the last five years.

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