Iraq Tagged: ‘ Middle Income Fragile Country’

By T. Keyzom Ngodup, co-founder and Executive Director at Ideas sYnergy, an Iraq based private sector development consulting company.

IRAQ INSIGHTS, published by Ideas sYnergy aims to consolidate and build intellectual capital on private sector development, empowering stakeholders to address issues of access and structural reforms on a diverse range of topics impacting inclusive economic development.

IRAQ INSIGHTS                 September 2011, Iraq Tagged: 'Middle Income Fragile Country'

  • Tagged: Iraq as a ‘Middle Income Fragile State'
  • Poverty, Microfinance and Women
  • Profile of Rural Small Scale Farmers in Kirkuk: Results from Surveying 200 Farmers
  • Focus: Iraq’s Agricultural Sector
  • Relative Stability in Iraq Despite Unrest, Report 2011 Public Opinion Research
  • The Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus Axis, Primer by United States Institute of Peace

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