The Iraq Power Report 2011

A comprehensive review of the opportunities and challenges for technology and service providers in the Republic of Iraq to 2030.

This report is an essential piece of research for all those seeking business opportunities in Iraq’s power generation, transmission and distribution system in 2011 and beyond.

Having the right knowledge is essential to the development and growth of any company. But having the right knowledge depends entirely on the quality of source data.

This report looks at the plans to transform the Iraqi power sector which is currently under severe pressure to facilitate a growing public demand for electricity.

“Although progress with Iraq’s reconstruction since 2003 has proceeded more slowly than anticipated, this report demonstrates how the Iraqi Government is pressing ahead with ambitious programmes of investment in generation, transmission and distribution” says report author, Edmund O’Sullivan.

This report will provide you with:

  • Insight into the political and economic context of Iraq in 2011
  • An understanding of Iraq’s electricity generation, transmission and distribution system
  • Details of the Iraq electricity masterplan 2015-30
  • An overview of the Ministry of Electricity IPP programme
  • Data on Electricity in Iraqi Kurdistan
  • A practical guide to laws, regulations and security - doing business in Iraq

Gain essential insight into:

  • Power station fuel requirements
  • Long-term project finance issues and delivery of required skills
  • The need for comprehensive supporting legislation
  • Security issues and how they can be addressed

This unique report will enable you to acquire unparalleled insight into the transformation plans of the Iraqi power sector.

Price: €2,834

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