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Inflation hits 7.6 in August

Iraq's core annual inflation (which excludes expenditure on fuel) increased from 7.1 percent in July to 7.6 percent in August, according to Reuters, driven mainly by higher prices of food and clothes over the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Central Bank Deputy Governor, Mudher Kasim, told the agency that the higher price of gold in […]


Iraq Targets 5% Inflation Next Year

Iraq'sĀ Finance Minister told Reuters on Wednesday that the country is targeting inflation of 5 percent in 2012. "I hope that in 2012, with some of the policies of the central bank, to control it (inflation) again to around 5 percent. For 2012, the target is 5 percent," Rafie al-Esawi [Rafi Hiyad al-Issawi, Rafia al-Issawi], pictured, […]


Iraq's Inflation Hits 7.1% in July

Trade Arabia reports that Iraq's core annual inflation rate increased to 7.1 per cent in July, up from 6.4 per cent in June. The Deputy Governor of Iraq's central bank, Mudher Kasim, told Reuters that the increase was driven mainly by higher housing rental prices and an increase in the cost of building materials; the […]


Inflation Rate to Reach 7% in June

Iraq's Central Bank expects the inflation rate to reach 7% in June, and pointed out that the increase of oil prices is one of the main reasons of inflation in the country. Central Bank advisor Mazhar Mohammad Saleh told Al Sumaria TV that production of goods is weak in comparison to the services sector, which […]

Iraqi Inflation Up Again in May

Iraq's core annual inflation rose to 6.3 percent in May from 6.1 percent in April, a senior official at the Central Bank of Iraq told Reuters on Sunday. The agency reports that the figure is driven by the cost of imported goods and services, especially healthcare. Inflation had previously risen from 5.5% in February to […]

Iraqi Inflation Hits 5.7%

The advisor to the Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) has said that inflation jumped from 5.5% in February to 5.7% due rising electricity prices in Iraq. Muzher Mouhammed told AKnews that the high rate of inflation in Iraq is due to the March hike in electricity prices. "The rising inflation simply affects the economy but does […]


CBI Forecasts More Iraqi Inflation

An adviser from the Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) said on Thursday that inflation will continue to rise if the Iraqi economy continues its dependence on crude oil revenues. Muzher Mohammed Saleh told AKnews that the inflation will continue increasing unless the agricultural and industrial sectors are stimulated, in addition to supporting local production. "The monetary […]

Core Inflation Rises to 5.5% in February

Reuters reports that Iraq's core annual inflation rose to 5.5 per cent in February versus 5.3 per cent in January, driven by increases in the cost of power, rental and housing. "February's year-on-year core inflation was 5.5 per cent", Mudher Kasim, a senior advisor at the Iraqi Central Bank, told Reuters. (Source: Reuters)

Iraqi Inflation Rises in January

The Ministry of Planning and Development has reported that the inflation rate increased by 2% in January, bringing the rate to 5.8%. Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi told AKnews that the reasons behind the high inflation rate are higher rents and increases in the prices of imported food. The Ministry of Planning and Development in Iraq suggested […]

Unrest in Iraq - the Risk of Contagion

With unrest in several Arab cities, many in the region are worried about the risk of contagion. The latest flashpoints are Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and Algeria; but is Iraq vulnerable as well? The people certainly have a lot to complain about. Electricity The heat and increased use of air conditioning put a major strain […]