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Iraq's Journalist Protection Law Needs to be Reviewed

By the Centre for Law and Democracy. A Journalist Protection Law, prepared by the Iraqi Syndicate of Journalists and endorsed by the government of Iraq, has been laid before the Iraqi Parliament for its consideration. A Note on the draft Law prepared by CLD highlights the important protections for journalists included in the draft Law. […]

Press in Baghdad 'Less Free Than in Kabul'

An independent Spanish journalist said on Monday that there is greater press freedom in the Afghan capital Kabul than in the Iraqi capital, after experiencing first-hand the ongoing restrictions imposed on journalists and their movements in Baghdad. AKnews reports that on his fifth visit to Iraq, Carlos Zorotoza complained that his camera was confiscated by […]

Confusion, Contradiction and Irony: The Iraqi Media in 2010

After the fall of Baghdad on April 9, 2003, Iraq’s news media environment transformed almost overnight from the tightly controlled propaganda arm of Saddam Hussein’s rule into one of the most diverse and unrestricted news environments in the Middle East. Built in an atmosphere of chaos and conflict, Iraq’s media landscape now reflects the ethno‐sectarian […]

Media Training Centers on Rise in Iraq

Educational centers teaching journalism and media studies in Iraq have increased dramatically since 2003, which observers find promising in the country's opening. After the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, under which independent journalism was strictly censored, many independent media centers opened in Iraq, the majority of which are based in Kurdistan Region due […]

Media Course Ends in Arbil

A media course has ended in Iraq’s Kurdistan region with the participation of 16 people from all over the country. “Sixteen people graduated from the one-month course after they had received intensive training in written, oral, audio and electronic journalism,” the head of the Independent Media Center told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. Amateur journalists in […]