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Innovative Agriculture Loan for Farmers in Ninawa

Access to quality financial services, especially for rural small-scale farmers is a challenge anywhere in the world. USAID-Tijara microfinance institution (MFI) partner Tal’afar Economic Development Center (TEDC) launched a new agricultural loan product focused on small-scale rural farmers to help them meet this challenge in the northern Iraq Province of Ninawa. At a ceremony to […]

402nd AFSB Bringing Sustainability to Iraq

JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - In 2007, a Soldier in Talil came up with a simple idea to foster relations between the United States military and Iraq - provide desperately needed engineering textbooks to a local Iraqi university. Working through connections with his alma mater, Oregon State University, then-Captain Joshua Mater, who was a Civil […]

USAID Study Details Advances by Iraq’s Microfinance Industry

USAID through its Provincial Economic Growth Program, today released State of Iraq’s Microfinance Industry, a 52-page report that describes the growth and emerging trends of a microfinance industry that rapidly is building financing systems accessible to all Iraqis. Iraq’s microfinance industry was established seven years ago with financial and technical assistance from the U.S. Agency […]

Iraqi Microfinance Opens 100th Branch Office

Iraq’s rapidly growing microfinance industry reached a major milestone this month when the Al-Tadhamun (TDMN) microfinance organization opened its third branch office in the Northern Province of Ninawa. The opening brings the total number of microfinance branches and satellite offices across Iraq to 100 and underscores the success Iraq’s MFI sector has achieved in its […]