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KRP Statement on Federal Hydrocarbons Law

The Kurdistan Region Presidency (KRP) issued a statement on Sunday on the Iraqi Council of Ministers’ approval of a draft federal hydrocarbons law. The following is a translation from the original Arabic: Following six years without a federal oil policy; the unjustified failure to implement political agreements; the clear avoidance of the ratification of a […]

New Draft Oil Law - Expert Analysis

On Sunday 28th August the Council of Ministers approved the draft oil and gas law prepared by the Ministry of Oil, considering it the only text that represent the council's view, and treating all other previous versions as invalid. Also the council decided to send the proposed draft to the parliament and request to table […]

Expert Analysis of the New Version of Iraq's Oil Law

On Wednesday 17 August 2011 the Iraqi parliament began the first reading of a new version of oil law proposed by the oil and energy committee-OGC of the parliament itself. The timing and the procedure of the debate created confusion and prompted significant walkout of many parliamentarians members of influential political groups. The debate was […]

KRG Prime Minister's Statement on Oil and Gas Laws

Today [Monday] the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Barham Salih, following the visit to Erbil of Iraqi Federal Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, welcomed the new efforts made by all parties in the federal government on Iraq’s planned oil and gas legislation. “We have had excellent discussions with Finance Minister al-Issawi,” said Prime Minister Salih. […]

New Iraqi Oil Law Delayed

According to a report from Bloomberg, the chairman of the Iraqi parliament’s Oil and Energy Committee said in London on Tuesday that Iraq will be unable to pass its oil and revenue-sharing laws by this summer because of ongoing political disagreements. Passage of the law by June or July is “unfeasible,” Adnan Al-Janabi said at […]