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Iraq to Pay for One Refinery If No Investors Found

Iraq is prepared to stump up for the cost of building one of the four refineries planned if investors can’t be found, the Deputy Oil Minister, Ahmed al-Shamma, has said, according to a report from Bloomberg. The total value of the refinery-building program is variously stated as $9bn and $20bn, depending on the source. The […]

Iraq Plans to Spend $9bn on 4 Refineries

Iraq plans to build four new refineries with an announcement expected in 2011, the country's deputy Oil Minister Motassam Akram Hassan said on Sunday, adding that the bidding round could be conducted for all four refineries at once. Reuters reports that total expenditure on the four plants is expected to be at least $9 billion. […]

China/Syria Talks on Refinery for Iraqi Oil

Syria's Oil Minister Sufian Alao [Sufian Allaw] has met representatives of Chinese companies in Beijing to discuss the long-delayed refinery project that could help save Syria billions of dollars in fuel imports. The refinery could eventually take oil from Iraq, if political differences between Syria and Iraq that have delayed plans to re-activate an oil […]

Kurdistan Oil Refineries Can Meet Local Fuel Needs

In an interview with AKnews on Friday, the oil products director of north Iraq, Mohammed Ahmed Zebari, shared his vision for the country's oil prospects. Zebari maintained that if the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) concentrated on improving the two refineries of Kavragosk and Baziyan, the two could provide the required petrol for the whole Region […]

Refinery Boss Resigns Following Threats

Dr. Ali al-Obaidi, who has been in charge of Iraq's Baiji refinery since 2007, has reportedly resigned from his position, having successfully slashed the level of theft from the facility. He had initially been installed as part of a joint U.S.-Iraqi corruption crisis team. According to Iraq Oil Report, the man credited with reducing theft […]

KBR Wins Maysan Refinery Contracts

KBR (NYSE: KBR) today announced that it has been awarded two contracts by the Republic of Iraq Ministry of Oil through the South Refineries Company. KBR will provide licensing and basic engineering services for the construction of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) and Solvent Deasphalting (SDA) units at the planned grassroots Maissan Refinery in Maissan [Maysan], […]

Najaf Refinery Increases Production

The Najaf refinery increased production of oil derivatives by 32% in the first half of 2010, compared to the same period last year, according to the refinery’s director. “The refinery produced in the first half of 2010 33.4 million liters of Kerosene compared to 26 million liters in the same period last year, an increase […]

Safety Standards in Iraqi Oil Refineries

"The Iraqi Oil ministry is applying environmental safety standards in all refineries and it will stop using all substances that are harmful to health and the environment by finding alternatives," the spokesman of the Iraqi oil ministry said on Tuesday. "The Oil Ministry is implementing all requirements for environmental safety in Iraqi refineries, and the […]

Refining Iraq's Economy

Within five years, Iraq will turn from an importer of petroleum products into the world’s largest exporter, according to the Oil Ministry’s new investment map, unveiled in Nassiriyah this week. To achieve this, Iraq has opened the door wide for international companies to build four new refineries and refurbish existing ones in order to boost […]

Executives Meet to Discuss Refinery Contracts

According to a report from Reuters, international oil executives will gather in Baghdad on Saturday to discuss contracts for four new oil refineries. "There are many international companies that expressed their interest to participate and to reach an agreement with the Oil Ministry," said Oil Ministry spokesman, Assim Jihad. Iraq's eight oil refineries have a […]