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Misuse of Public Funds at Dhi Qar Oil Company

By John Lee. Iraq's Commission of Integrity has reported the detection of "excesses and waste" exceeding $33 million in two contracts for Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) and several departments affiliated with the Ministry of Electricity in the province. The department revealed excesses in the cost of a contract for the construction and maintenance of […]

New Well Completed at Nasiriya Oil Field

By John Lee. Iraqi drilling experts at the Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC) have successfully completed the drilling of oil well 61, reaching a depth of 2096 meters in the Nasiriya oil field. This achievement marks the fifteenth well completed by the company under the contract signed with Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) to drill a […]

Drilling Completed at Nasiriyah Oil Well 60

By John Lee. The Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC) has successfully completed drilling operations for the Nasiriyah-60 oil well in Dhi Qar province. The well, reaching a depth of 2,110 meters, is part of the "Mushrif [Mishrif] Formation", and the project is a contract with the Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC). The project entails drilling 20 […]

Iraqi Cabinet Approves Italian Firm for Nasiriyah Gas Project

By John Lee. The Iraqi Cabinet has approved a recommendation from the Ministerial Energy Council directing the Ministry of Oil's Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) to invite the Italian company Progetti Europa & Global S.p.A. (PEG) to install and operate a "wet oil processing unit" at the Nasiriyah Gas Isolation Station. The plant will have […]

Iraq Approves Russian Firm's Oil Development Plans

By John Lee. Russia's LUKoil and Japan's INPEX South Iraq Ltd have received approval from Iraqi state-owned Thi-Qar Oil Company (TOC) for "Declaration of Commerciality of Reserves and Outline Development Proposal" for the Eridu [Arido] oilfield located within Block 10 in Iraq. Following approval by TOC (also known as Dhi Qar Oil Company, DQOC), LUKoil […]

DQOC to Resume Trial Production at Subba Oil Field

By John Lee. The Director General of the Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) has announced the resumption of trial production operations from the Sabah (Subba) oil field, which has a capacity of 10,000 barrels per day (bpd). Eng. Ali Khudair said that the company has succeeded in modernizing and automating operations to resume production from […]

Baker Hughes to Boost Gas Production at Nassiriya and Gharraf

By John Lee. US-based Baker Hughes has reportedly signed a contract with state-owned Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) to increase production of associated gas at the Nassiriya and Gharraf [Garraf] (pictured) oilfields. Anwar Hadi Shiaa, a director of the DQOC, told the state-controlled Iraqi News Agency that the company aims to increase the gas production […]

Iraqi Oil Minister pushes Development of Eridu Oil Field

By John Lee. Iraq's Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar Ismail, has stressed the importance of developing the Eridu (Arido) oilfield in Block 10, which is in the Muthanna and Dhi Qar provinces. This came during a meeting with Lukoil's Vice President for Central Asia, Middle East, and North African affairs, Stepan Gorgi, and his […]

IDC completes two Drilling Projects in Iraq

By John Lee. The Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC) has recently completed the drilling of oil well 48 at the Nasiriyah oil field. The company's general manager, Engineer Basem Abdel Karim Nasser, said this was part of the contract with Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) to drill 20 oil wells at the field in cooperation with […]