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Czech Republic Sells Combat Planes to Iraq

By John Lee.

The Czech government has approved the sale of 15 redundant L-159 combat planes to Iraq.

Defense Minister Martin Stropnický said the government will receive 750 million Kč ($30 million) via the Aero Vodochody mediating company.

Prague Post reports that the deal will give work to up to 100 people who will assemble the planes; Aero Vodochody will ensure that the planes are operable and are fitted with further equipment and ammunition, while also training pilots and ground stuff.

(Source: Prague Post)

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Czech Govt Postpones Decision on Iraq Jets

By John Lee.

The Czech cabinet has postponed a decision on the sale of redundant L-159 subsonic fighters to Iraq.

Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky said on Wednesday that “the way of assigning the proceeds from the sale to the Defence Ministry must be defined before the decision is made.

Global Times reports that the Czech Defence Ministry plans to sell 15 L-159s for about 3.1 million US dollars to the Aero Vodochody company, which is to re-sell them to Iraq, following a deal agree in August 2014.

The Ministry originally planned to sign the contract with Aero Vodochody in late February if the cabinet approved the sale of L-159 fighters on Wednesday.

(Source: Global Times)

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Czech Govt Seek Iraq Arms Deals

By John Lee.

The Czech Foreign Minister, Lubomír Zaorálek and Deputy Defense Minister, Tomáš Kuchta, is to visit Iraq this week with a delegation of businesspeople to boost business deals, mainly in the defense sector.

Negotiations about the supplies of aviation technology, the pilots’ training and the armoring of helicopters are underway there,” Kuchta told LN.

The Czech Republic has long been trying to sell its redundant L-159 fighter planes, made by Aero Vodochody, to Iraq.

(Source: Prague Post)

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Iraq to Buy Czech Fighter Jets

By John Lee.

Czech aviation company Aero Vodochody has reportedly agreed to sell 12 L-159 subsonic fighter jets to Iraq, but the package must still be approved by the governments of both countries.

Martin Danko, the broker for the deal, refused to reveal the price.

According to Associated Press, Iraq had initially agreed to buy 28 of the combat and training planes in a deal worth $1 billion in 2012. It was not immediately clear why the original deal fell apart.

Czech defense officials have been trying to sell the planes for years because the military has no use for them.

(Sources: Associated Press, Reuters)

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Czech/Iraq Aircraft Deal “Fails”

By John Lee.

The planned sale of the Czech military L-159 planes to Iraq is reported to have broken down.

Producer Aero Vodochody has allegedly limited the preparation for the production of 24 new planes to the minimum.

The contract, which was announced last year, has not yet been signed, according to the Insider daily, but the report goes on to quote Aero Vodochody head Ladislav Simek as saying “the previously signed contract has not taken effect yet“.

Simek added that a new contract might be expected, and it is believed that both sides are attempting to renegotiate.

Alexandr Vondra, who headed the Czech Defence Ministry when the contract was announced, told Insider: “My experience from talks with Arab countries shows one thing: you need patience, patience and patience again. They have a different notion of time than we in Europe.

The Czech Republic and Iraq have been negotiating about the sale of L-159s for several years. The order was to be worth some 19.2 billion crowns ($1 billion).

(Source: Prague Monitor)

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Iraq to Spend $1bn on Czech Attack Jets

By John Lee.

Iraq has agreed to buy 28 Czech-made Aero Vodochody L-159 advanced trainer/light-attack jets valued at $1 billion dollars (770 billions euros), a Czech defence ministry announced on Friday.

Agreenment to buy the 24 new planes and four older army surplus aircraft was reached at the end of a two-day visit to Prague by Nouri al-Maliki.

Earlier in the week, Iraq and Russia announced a $4.2 billion arms agreement.

(Sources: Daily Star, Bloomberg, AFP)

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Czechs Hope to Sell Combat Jets to Iraq

Czech aircraft company Aero Vodochody and the Czech Ministry of Defense will meet with Iraqi government and military representatives in Prague on 23-24th January with a view to landing a deal to supply 20 of its L-159 fighter planes.

The manufacturer, part of the Penta group, has reportedly already received Kč 25.2 million ($1.3 million) just for storing the slightly used planes on behalf of the Ministry.

The ministry can expect to receive a maximum of Kč 30 million ($1.5 million) for each plane, though a barter deal for Iraqi oil is an option being discussed.

Competition for the deal comes from the Hawk light combat and training plane manufactured by BAE Systems of the UK, and the T-50 Golden Eagle, developed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin of the US together with Korea Aerospace Industries and Korea’s Agency for Defense Development.

Pavel Bulant, head of the ministry’s armaments department, says there’s a good chance the Czechs will clinch the deal to supply the fledgling Iraqi air force.  Aviation specialist and journalist Michal Zdobinský says that in order for the Czech offer to have any chance, the deal would have to have the blessing of the US.

(Source: Czech Position)

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Czech Republic to Sell Fighter Jets to Iraq

The Czech Republic might sell up to 25 Aero L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) subsonic fighter aircraft to Iraq, according to Prague Monitor.

The deal requires approval from the U.S., which supplied avionic equipment to the planes. According to some information, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg discussed the issue on his visit to the USA recently.

“The Czech Republic has for a long time been trying to sell its [redundant] L-159s on the foreign market. It is a quality aircraft with a broad training and combat potential. Apart from the Czech military, it could definitely prove itself elsewhere in the world. I can confirm that one of the countries that are interested in L-159s is Iraq,” Jan Pejsek, head of the Defence Ministry’s press department, as is quoted as saying.

Aero L-159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) is a light combat plane primarily designed for attacks on ground targets and for direct support of ground units.

It can also be used for aerial reconnaissance and combat.

(Source: Prague Monitor)

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