Bribery Alleged in Czech Plane Deal

By John Lee.

Iraqi politicians have reportedly made allegations of corruption relating to the sale of Czech military aircraft to Iraq.

According to media sources, Iskandar Watoot, from the Iraqi parliament's security and defense committee, says corruption worth millions of dollars has accompanied the purchase of the L-159 subsonic combat planes, while Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the financial commission of the Iraqi parliament, says he is ready to bring the affair to the Iraqi supreme court.

The Czech company Aero Vodochody, which mediates the deal for the Defense Ministry, dismissed any unusual steps being taken in connection with it, Lidové Noviny (LN) writes.

We learned about alleged corruption linked to the sale of our L-159s to Iraq from the Iraqi press. The Iraqi bodies have not contacted us so far,” Tereza Vrublová, from Aero Vodochody, is quoted as saying.

Our company definitely has nothing to fear. The deal has been checked within the licensing procedure and smoothly approved by the U.S. administration that has extraordinarily tough legislation for fighting corruption,” Vrublová told the paper.

(Source: Prague Post)

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