Czech Republic Sells Combat Planes to Iraq

By John Lee.

The Czech government has approved the sale of 15 redundant L-159 combat planes to Iraq.

Defense Minister Martin Stropnický said the government will receive 750 million Kč ($30 million) via the Aero Vodochody mediating company.

Prague Post reports that the deal will give work to up to 100 people who will assemble the planes; Aero Vodochody will ensure that the planes are operable and are fitted with further equipment and ammunition, while also training pilots and ground stuff.

(Source: Prague Post)

9 Responses to Czech Republic Sells Combat Planes to Iraq

  1. Iraqi New NNC chanel 20th March 2015 at 17:58 #

    Unfortunately in March 2015, the deal was finally cancelled due to the reason that the US company who was planing to supply kits for night attacking flights and weapons systems for these aircraft has refused to supply these types of equipment under the deal and Iraq rejected the deal... No more deal will be executed.