Iraq’s Asiacell Still The Target of Terror Attacks

The stormy political and economic situation in Iraq continues to rage, and Asiacell - the largest private Iraqi company and the first and only mobile telecommunications company to provide coverage for all of Iraq - is still the target of terrorist groups that continue to launch cowardly terrorist attacks against the company in its main operation locations. The most recent of these brutal attacks took place at the company's premises in Mosul, endangering the safety of Asiacell's team members and property, and causing the death of an Asiacell employee.

Commenting on this unfortunate case of vandalism, Dr. Diar Ahmed, Asiacell's CEO, said: "As the largest private Iraqi company, we at Asiacell are determined to stick to our commitment to provide the Iraqi people with mobile telecom services despite the obstacles and challenges that terrorist groups are placing in the way of our success in a bid to weaken Asiacell's role in contributing to the development of Iraq's economy and our efforts to help rebuild the nation. We have proven in this difficult time that we are capable of withstanding the most taxing situations. We will place these unfortunate events behind us and move forward to perform our duty as Iraqis towards our beloved country, directing our investments and advanced capabilities towards rebuilding Iraq."

Dr. Ahmed went on to express his sorrow at the passing of one of Asiacell's team members, saying: "On behalf of myself and the entire Asiacell family, I would like to express our deepest condolences to Abdul Khaliq Mohammed Jasim's family for their loss, wishing them patience and solace to surpass this trying time. The terrorist attacks that have taken place and might take place in the future are the price of Asiacell's success in the telecom market, and constitute a lowly attempt to marginalize our positive role as active supporters of economic development in Iraq."

He added: "Our sense of responsibility towards our country requires us to urgently appeal to the government to intensify its efforts in limiting these impediments that limit our ability to contribute to economic development. Asiacell will continue to strive to do its utmost to expand and improve its operations and services to serve the best interests of its stakeholders, assuring them that we will not break down in the face of these terrorist attacks and will remain loyal to our employees and their families, persistently striving to rebuild our country."

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