LG Electronics Launches X120 and X130 Notebooks in Jordan and Iraq

LG's smart and stylish mini-notebook, the LG-X120, is a powerful portable computer that can be used anywhere. Featuring the easy-to-use Smart-On interface, the device loads in record time and offers access to the most frequently used applications.

Easy mobility in a stylish design is one of the LG-X120's most important assets; specifically designed to provide enhanced functionality and convenience with smarter features, this notebook also packs a powerful multimedia punch.

On another level, the LG-X130 is one of the Company's newest feature-packed notebooks, which is both light and sleek, boasting a diverse range of smart and powerful features that enhance its portability. Users can now enjoy web surfing, online gaming, and enjoying various multimedia content anywhere, any time.

The notebook is also equipped with a total care system called 'Smart-Care' which also features an intelligent diagnostic engine with live updates, and a Smart-Recovery feature. Furthermore, the stylish exterior of the LG-X130 is expected to appeal to the most style-conscious consumer, and the wide range of multimedia features make this notebook a pleasure to own.

Commenting on the launch of the LG-X120 and LG-X130, the Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant, Mr. Kevin Cha, said:

"The notebook is on the rise, with more and more people on the look-out for both convenience and portability. They do not have to look any further, as, with these two devices, LG Electronics has combined easy-to-use, exceptional features, portability, and trendy design, offering customers two new bywords in the world of notebooks."

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