VoEx International Delegation to Participate at CWC's Iraq Telecom 2009 Conference in London

VoEx International LLC, an innovator and provider of global wireless telecommunications solutions and a leading provider of worldwide Multilingual Media over IP network integration and registry services, announced today that its President - Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Asaad Y. Alnajjar, P.E. will be heading the delegation to chair and speak at the forthcoming Iraq Telecommunications Conference organized by the CWC Group taking place in London November 10-11, 2009.

This Iraqi Telecom conference will facilitate a professional forum including Iraq's Ministry of Telecommunications, ITPC, SCIS, global telecom decision makers, vendors, executives, financiers, and Wireless & Mobile operators together to discuss licenses issues, future technology adoption, and new venues for Iraq's communications infrastructure, future design-build-operate projects, standards legal setting, and consumer protection regulations. Participants will be given the opportunity to meet with and hear from many major telecommunications players, as well as display relevant case studies that can be used as benchmarks for Iraq's future.

Many senior officials from the Iraqi Ministry of Communication have already confirmed their involvement, in addition to numerous other representatives from major telecom companies and organizations.

For the past 6 years, VoEx has played a distinguished role in providing multiple channels of communication to the newly liberated Iraq.

Through advanced satellite technology, VoEx has supplied many major corporations, call centers, and internet cafes throughout Iraq with high-speed internet connectivity and excellent long-distance services utilizing enhanced VoIP networks. Since 2004, as part of a strategic partnership with Boeing Satellite, VoEx began the marketing and distribution of "Thuraya" Satellite-GSM phones & Data Services, allowing individuals throughout Iraq to make affordable mobile telephone calls to anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the top management of VoEx continues to provide many daily services to Iraq's government, private sectors, and individuals.

During the conference Mr. Alnajjar will shed light on Quality of Service from a consumer’s point of view, market evolution in Iraq as part of the MENA region. Mr. Alnajjar will be chairing parts of the conference and leading discussions on Iraq's expanding telecom infrastructure, current deployments, investment opportunities and Iraqi telecom issues.

Mr. Asaad Y. Alnajjar stated:

"Quality of Communication Services in Iraq is not discussed or addressed in depth and I am hoping this conference will cover this gap. VoEx executives have been extremely involved in the development and growth of Wireless products, solutions, connectivity and applications to expedite the deployment of these networks with the Middle East Region as part of the global evolution. VoEx™ team has presented in many global settings white papers and solutions that helped to achieve our advancements today."

Further, Mr. Alnajjar added, "As I have always advocated, products sold in Iraq need to be of high quality and not rejects of other markets. The Iraqi consumer deserves the best quality of products."

Mr. Alnajjar & VoEx Team has been very active in the research and development of next generation of wireless communications and information technology over the past twelve years. His work has included extensive research in WLL networks, WiMAX development, multilingual Internet and multilingual .IQ management, e164/eNum and Multilingual DNS resolution in coordination with ICANN & MINC, IP based products and applications, and the evolution of communications standards and policies under the umbrella of the ITU.

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