Aswat al-Iraq Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The independent news agency Aswat al-Iraq celebrated its fifth anniversary on Friday in central Baghdad with the participation of a number of lawmakers and media men.

Head of the parliament’s media and culture committee, Mufeed al-Jezairy, on the sidelines of the free media conference patronized by the parliament, congratulated Aswat al-Iraq news agency for its great effort and contribution to the Iraqi media in five year.

Iraqi journalists and media men, for their part, praised the role played by Aswat al-Iraq in the past five years.

Editor in Chief Zuhair al-Jezairy received congratulations from all journalists who attended the ceremony as well as congratulatory cables.

The independent news agency Aswat al-Iraq is an independent Iraqi news agency with contributions from a network of Iraqi correspondents spread throughout the country and from three independent Iraqi newspapers.

After four and half years of free service, Aswat al-Iraq decided as of April 1, 2009 to switch to the subscription mode so as to attain financial independence while maintaining its professional principles and approach.

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