Governor of Basra Discusses Infrastructure Rehabilitation with the British Department of Development

Governor of Basra, Cltag Abboud Mayah, during a meeting with British Program Director in the Department for International Development Sue Vardel, on Thursday, discusses participation in rehabilitation of infrastructure in Basra, according to a statement issued by the conservative media.

According to the statement, the meeting is "to discuss the participation of the British Department for International Development (DFID) in the rehabilitation of infrastructure and promotion of civil society in Basra."
"The meeting also discussed the role of the British project to develop strategies for the next five-year development in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation and the UN Development Program."

The statement quoted that, governor of Basra, said "We made clear to the visiting delegation that Basra is the center of the world and completion, for investment opportunities, and local government in Basra, giving the issue of investment in establishment of housing units special priority, considering needs of the city for more than 250 residential units," as well as "the tourism sector and establishment of hotels as well as the oil sector, which is renowned in Basra.”

Program Director in the Department for International Development Sue Vardel said, according to the statement, that the British government "appreciates the efforts of local and federal governments to reset security and promote stability."

She explained that "the British government across all levels is currently trying to work on the level of Iraq, on issues attract investors, especially after we met the Minister of Finance, who explained to us that Iraq has turned from a mortgagor to a participant and contributor country in the investment projects."
The town of Basra in Basra province lies 590 km south of Baghdad.

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