Babil PRT Initiate the Establishment of a Canning Factory

The provincial reconstruction U.S. team of Babylon proceeded, to create the first plant of its kind in Iraq for canning honey, the team opened several centers for breeding queen bees north of the province.

President of beekeepers in Babylon, Nabil al-Jubouri , said the American reconstruction team in the province through the Assembly proceeded to create the first facility of its kind in Iraq, honey canning , its capacity of up to two tons per day, indicating that the factory, to which it is hoped, the completion and equipped with the latest machinery, according to international standards ,at the beginning of next year, will help beekeepers across the Middle Euphrates region to supply their production of honey for packaging and marketing .

Adding also that the plant contains several production lines and a laboratory to examine the honey, it will get a brand of its own, and will help in the operation of hundreds of manpower in the province. Al Jubouri noted that the assembly will establish an advanced training center to increase capacity and skills of beekeepers, and train rural women to work in production of honey, expecting that this center is an important tributary of the plant for honey packaged by providing trained human talent.

Additionally, according to president of the beekeepers that the U.S. reconstruction team opened several centers to increase numbers of queen bees, in Jabla area north of Babel province, adding that these centers will be managed by the Association for beekeepers, and 500 global strains of queen bees arrived recently, which has been imported to Iraq , and it is hoped that during the breeding season next spring, it will be around 8000 queen, and will be distributed among beekeepers across the Middle Euphrates region.

He added that the cost of the centers as well as honey canning plant is one million dollars donated by the U.S. reconstruction team to the Assembly.

Dr. Robert , team leader of reconstruction of Babylon said , the grant provided by the team to the Beekeepers Association, fall within its program of development of livestock and agriculture in the province, expressing his hope that the two sectors, quantum leap in terms of production and quality in the near future.

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