Iraqi Telecom Sector on the Threshold of a Promising Phase

Ericsson, one of the world leading providers of telecom services and equipment, participated in the two-day Iraq Telecoms Conference as a major sponsor. The event was held recently in London. The Conference focused on ' integrating business and technology in Iraq to highlight the huge business potential and opportunities for broadband in the country. It also tackled the topic of foreign investment into the telecommunications sector and the opportunities that the country creates to offer a stable investment environment.

The conference this year, gathered all the Iraqi telecommunications stakeholders, such as service providers, vendors, regulators and government representatives who actively participated and contributed to lively and open debates.

Amongst the critical topics discussed at this year's event were the main achievements of the Iraqi Communication and Media Commission (CMC) in developing regulatory rules and procedures according to international standards.

Fuelled by the continuously improving security and the many opportunities for growth in penetration rates and broadband connectivity, the forum demonstrated optimism for the future of Iraq's telecoms. For instance, there is more than 60% mobile penetration, but less than 5% fixed-line penetration.

According to Tarek Saadi, Head of Northern Middle East region, Ericsson Market Unit Middle East, the core benefit of the event was the creation of networking opportunities and reconfirming Ericsson's interest in growing its business in Iraq. "Ericsson in Iraq is gaining good momentum, and with all these changes in the market, we aim to maintain our position for mobile networks and be part of the growth in the Iraqi telecom industry." The event discussed that Iraq is still at the mobile penetration phase but opportunities exist for broadband penetration and the associated benefits that it brings.

With over 200 delegates, Iraq Telecoms 2009 was an outstanding success. The majority of discussions revolved around the need for a reliable nationwide optical network in conjunction with good mobile capabilities.

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