Asiacell still at the Forefront of Development despite Brutal Attacks

Asiacell Calls on the Iraqi Government to Interfere and Protect its Property and the Lives of its Employees from Repeated Terrorist Attacks

Asiacell - the largest private Iraqi company and the first and only mobile telecommunications company to provide coverage for all of Iraq - is still resilient and standing strong in order to serve the Iraqi people, and provide them with the best communication services despite the difficult political and security circumstances currently facing Iraq and despite the continuous targeting it is facing from cowardly terrorist groups in some of the company's key locations. The most recent of the attacks witnessed by Asiacell was the bombing of the company's sales center in the city of Tikrit.

Dr. Diar Ahmed, the Asiacell's CEO Commented on these terrible terrorist attacks and said: "I am very displeased with the fact that we are still suffering from terrorist attacks and the unfortunate sabotage of our operations." He added: "this attempt to stop Asiacell's success, and sideline the positive impact it has on developing the Iraqi economy, has not made us change course. We are still committed, as a leading Iraqi company, to providing the best mobile services to Iraqi people in eighteen governorates, building the future of the country, and unifying its people. We are prepared to move forward in our fight against terrorism that is continuously attempting to hinder the stability and prosperity of our Iraq."

He added: "Stemming from our responsibility towards our country, we have called upon and are still calling upon the Iraqi government to deal with these unfortunate incidents in a serious manner in order to minimize the financial and emotional impact we are bearing that ultimately affects the Iraqi citizens who will always be part of the Iraqi infrastructure and Iraq. Asiacell has continued to develop and improve its mobile services; however, the security situation makes it difficult to achieve the desired outcomes and goals. We are calling on the government to take the necessary actions against terrorists and to work towards providing a safer environment for companies that are positively elevating the Iraqi economy so that we are able to serve our country and contribute to the building of a new Iraq."

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