20 Projects Achieved in Diwaniya

Technical and engineering staffs in Diwaneya roads and bridges department, performed 20 projects through the past 6 months including developing regions plan for the past year, in time the province gained ID 360 M from compensations amounts resulted from war damages.

A source at the province said, that the technical and engineering staffs in Dewaniya bridges and roads department, finished working in 11 projects including regions developing plan for the past year including Diwaniya way-Sharmahi, and Diwaneya way-Daghara & Ghamas way-al Hawi and Imam Sadiq bridge and Daghara bridge and Abo Helayal bridge, besides other projects would participating in saving transporting service for the people of such areas.

The source uncovered about specifying amount of ID 360 M for Dewaneya department of roads and bridges, resulted from war damages which amounted ID 50 BN.

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