Baghdad Media Company Provides a Detailed Presentation of Media City

The Baghdad Media Company provided a detailed presentation of the Baghdad media city project to the Baghdad Provincial Council, and the members of the Baghdad Provincial Council welcomed the project and stressed the need for a independent media city subject to control the media, as this project is considered the elements of media developments in Iraq, such as, other media cities, like the media city in Cairo and Dubai.

Mr. Shaker Aziz Shaker Shabib, chief investment commission of Baghdad, presented detailed information on the project since the beginning of the project until the time the design and basic application stages completed, as well as the explanation of the mechanism for granting leave investment referring to the draft of the media city of Baghdad is one of the projects approved by the body, and that we aspire to be one of the strategic projects that appears the media in Iraq.

Also stressed that the company has provided the basic designs set forth in the draft law, where the city of Baghdad Media comprises media Institute with a five-star hotel as well as modern studios, noting that the project submitted by the Baghdad media company will be implemented by a Malaysian company had been agreed with them to begin construction of the city after it completed the designs for the project and that the cost of the project is speculative (128) million and the duration of delivery (five years) and five stages of duration, each phase (one year) and the city begin to work after the end of the first phase .

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