Asiacell Remains at the Forefront of the Development Process in Iraq and Promises Greater Achievements in the Upcoming Year

Despite the economic and security challenges it faced throughout the previous year

The tremendous efforts that Asiacell - the largest private Iraqi company and the first and only mobile telecommunications company to provide coverage for all of Iraq - exerted in order to provide the best telecom services to the Iraqi nation across all its governorates has resulted in the achievement of a variety of important accomplishments during 2009. The company's dedication and commitment enabled it to successfully launch various new services, and positioned Asiacell as a pioneer in introducing a number of high quality offers in the Iraqi telecom market.

One of Asiacell's most prominent accomplishments during 2009 is the expansion of its subscriber base to reach the 7.3 million subscriber mark, which confirms Asiacell's ability to win the confidence of Iraqi consumers and efficiently provide them with the telecom services they demand. The year 2009 also witnessed the launch of the land, sea and air International Roaming Service, positioning Asiacell as the first Iraqi telecom company to offer complete international roaming coverage while traveling via land, sea and air. Another distinctive offer launched by Asiacell is the new Youth Line, which is the first prepaid line directed at youth and students in Iraq.

As for the company's own network coverage, Asiacell succeeded last year in expanding its network reach to include all 18 Iraqi governorates, making it the first Iraqi mobile telecom company to provide complete coverage to all of Iraq.

Commenting on the company's exceptional achievements, Dr. Diar Ahmed, Asiacell's CEO, said: "We strove this past year to cater to the growing needs of the Iraqi telecom market through launching services that combine quality and price competitiveness. The tangible increase in the number of our subscribers during the past year is the biggest proof of the high level of the services that Asiacell has committed itself to providing, and confirms that Asiacell is the ideal choice for telecom services in Iraq."

While discussing Asiacell's plans in 2010, Dr. Ahmed stated: "The previous year's achievements place upon us a new responsibility towards our clients, and serve to motivate us to achieve further successes. This year we will be implementing technical improvements and developments and will take the necessary measures to avoid damages to our services as a result of the unstable security conditions faced in Iraq.

Asiacell is determined to continue to offer the best services to Iraqi citizens and to help develop our country's economy. Despite the financial and moral damages that Asiacell has suffered during the past year due to cowardly terrorist attacks in some of the company's most vital locations, Asiacell remains productive and has achieved - and will continue to achieve by the grace of God and the efforts of its teams - considerable progress in providing mobile telecom services. The company will also adopt new expansion plans aimed at providing exceptional services to villages and remote areas."

He added: "As a leading mobile telecom company in the Iraqi market, we are responsible for catering to the growing market demands and continuing to develop the telecom sector, as it is a vital sector that supports the operations of various other economic sectors. The objectives are in line with our national commitments towards contributing to the development of our country's economy and building a new Iraq."

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