Ministry to Ratify Deal with France

The Transport ministry is ready to ratify a deal with the French Registry Body BERUVARITAS, enabling it to administer the steamers belonging to it without needing to depend on Arab companies. It has also formed a committee to re-count and re-manage the salaries of navel crews.

Deputy Director for general company of naval transport, Mohammad Saeed, said that such steps would help in developing the economical situation of the crews and enable the company to make use of their experiences in naval field, without depending on incoming persons from the Arab states.

He added that negotiations would continue with the Jordanian side for the purpose of sending a number of Iraqi navy specialists for training in the Jordanian Naval Academy.

Saeed, added that not allowing the Iraqi flag to be raised on the steamers forced the company to depend on Arab companies to administer the steamers since the fall of the ex-regime.

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