The Turkish Group (Holden) Visits Baghdad Investment Authority

Baghdad Investment Authority, received a delegation representing seven Turkish companies (Holden Group) specialized in area of investment in the residential sector, educational , tourism and technology and these companies have more than (24) branch in Gulf States and Europe .

Mr. Shakir Aziz Shabib , chief of Baghdad investment Commission , provided a detailed explanation about the mechanism investment according to Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 , and presented to the visiting delegation opportunities of investment in the residential sector for being ranked first in the committee and the urgent need to solve the housing crisis in Baghdad and the delegation declared to the Commission the ability to attract investors from other countries which they have branches in it , to invest in the appropriate domain after doing consultancy studies on investment opportunities presented by the Commission and expressed their desire to invest in the establishment of an integrated housing complexes in terms of containing all of the compound services needed and was accompanied by the Head of the Reconstruction Committee of the Council of the province of Baghdad professor Ali Al-Attar.

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