3 Projects carried out at ID7b in Shaqlawa

Three service projects were finalized in the different areas of the district of Shaqlawa at a total cost of more than 7 billion Iraqi dinars, the district mayor said on Thursday.

“The projects were carried out in Shaqlawa, (51 km) northeast of Arbil, at a cost of more than 7 billion Iraqi dinars from the Provincial Development Budget (PDB) of the province of Arbil,” Dilawir Nomer told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“The first project envisages the Heran-Fareez-Mamat Jalka road, 18 km north of Shaqlawa at a cost of 6 billion Iraqi dinars, with the objective of easing traffic congestion,” he said.

Shaqlawa, 51 km northeastern Arbil, is one of the popular and renowned summer resorts in Iraq.

The second project involves the pavement and maintenance of a road linking Hajran to Daraband Komisban, western Shaqlawa at a cost of 1.117 billion, while the third would see a road linking the villages of Lasa and Tirkara paved at a total cost of 330 million Iraqi dinars.

Arbil, the capital city of the semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan region, lies 360 km north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

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