Al- Sari Discusses in Basra Unfinished Projects' of 2008

Minister of State for Marshes has discussed with the second deputy of Basra province the unfinished projects in Basra in 2008, a source in Basra media office said.

A source in Eye Media said" Minister of State for Marshes, Hassan al- Sari, has discussed the fate of Marshes' lingering projects in 2008 in a meeting held with 2nd deputy of Basra governor Ahmed al- Hassani. A number of service offices directors are involved ".

He added" the Minister focused on Electricity projects, Health, Water, Road and Bridges, and Education in the areas of al- Iz, Thaghr, Khessat, al- Hadama, al- Ghezale Bet Offi, al- Hewayer, al- Madenah, al- Nashua, al- Juwabr, and other villages.

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