Asiacell Scores an Outstanding Victory

‘2009 was a prolific year for Asiacell - the largest private Iraqi company and the first and only mobile telecommunications company to provide coverage for all of Iraq - which was able to prove its worthiness in the Iraqi telecom market by launching innovative offers and services that are characterized by both quality and price competitiveness’ says the company.

One of these achievements is Asiacell's addition of 1,490 new base transceiver stations (BTS) to its network by constructing 950 communication towers, in addition to expanding and strengthening the capabilities of 450 other sites

Dr. Diar Ahmed, Asiacell's CEO, said: "We were able in 2009 to face the biggest economic and security challenges that the company had ever encountered, and we succeeded in tackling all obstacles. Our accomplishments to date are but a small part of the overall plans and projects that we intend to implement in order to serve Iraqi citizens and provide them with a wide range of mobile telecom services that correspond to their needs."

While commenting on Asiacell's plans for the upcoming year, Dr. Ahmed stated: "We strove during the past year to maintain our position as the leading company in the Iraqi telecom sector, and we succeeded in winning the confidence of Iraqi consumers and providing distinctive and comprehensive telecom services. We were also able to offer complete coverage to all Iraqi governorates; this places upon us a considerable responsibility next year, which - God willing - will involve the technical development and expansion of our network in order to maintain Asiacell's positive image and good reputation as an Iraqi investment that follows national policies aimed at serving the country, bolstering its economy, and contributing to building the new Iraq."

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