Lawmaker Invites Trade Minister to Appear Before Parliament

Legislator Hassan al-Saneed called on acting Iraqi Trade Minister Safaa al-Din al-Safi to appear before Parliament on Monday for consultations on the funds appropriated in the state budget to import ration card items.

“Several areas in Iraq are complaining that they do not get these ration items and that’s why we invite the minister to have a debate on this matter,” Saneed said during a parliamentary session on Sunday (Jan. 24) carried by the semi-official al-Iraqiya TV.

Sabah al-Saadii, in the parliament’s anti-corruption committee earlier this month, accused Safi of involvement in “administrative and financial corruption” inside his ministry.

During a press conference, Saadii said Iraqi citizens are now suffering from a greater lack of ration card items during Safi’s time more than in the time of resigned minister Abdulfalah al-Sudani’s

The committee had also questioned Sudani during the past months over corruption charges, prompting the minister to tender his resignation, which had been accepted by the government.

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