Momentum Logistics Open's Offices and Storage Facilities in Iraq

Momentum Logistics announced, the logistics branch of the Gulftainer a leading international port management, the opening of a branch in Iraq, including a major office and storage facilities. The new branch is located in the city of Zakho in the far north of Iraq on the border with Turkey, a space of about 8000 square meters, including offices and transport field and the opening is part of the expansion strategy of the company.

Matthew Derek General Manager of Momentum said : Momentum company is seeking since its inception to develop its global network while continuing to provide the highest standards of quality services to its customers and the opening of an Iraqi Momentum office considered a new step in the right direction towards the implementation of the strategic expansion plan for the development of our network branches also allows us to continue our operational expansion and provide our customers in Iraq and the surrounding areas with exceptional quality service, which they are accustomed to.

And our operations in the Iraqi Office will be completed with our operations in Turkey, which is done through our partners in Dimas company, where about 1000 trucks cross the border points between the two countries per day, Momentum provides the opportunity for Iraq to become a logistics hub and an important gateway for the entry of goods to northern and central Iraq.

Neil Young has been appointed director of the company's operations in Iraq and will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations and establish a system of work in the branch expansion. Momentum Logistics focuses since its inception in last October to expand its services and this new step comes within the framework of the company's efforts to achieve its goal of becoming the preferred global services destination to supply chain management services and logistics services as a third party.

Momentum plans to develop other services and develop the cargo division and transfer of goods, which takes Al Sharjah-based terminal container and opening of new offices at each of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where a transport fleet has grown to become one of the largest fleets in the region and consist of about 122 locomotive and 240 trailer , including low base trailers, and the section moved to new offices and opened modern facility fully equipped for the maintenance and repair of vehicles in Sharjah Terminal Container.

The construction work in logistic cities developed by Momentum Logistics, is experiencing a remarkable progress, the work has been completed of grading soil and processing of the construction site in the international logistics city in Sajaa.

Plans are also underway to establish a network of major roads. and were delivered over 12 new stores to add to the terminal container facilities in Sharjah and are working on the establishment of 12 depot will be completed in the second quarter of this year, the terminal container continue to reform located in the Sharjah Terminal Container operate at full capacity.

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