The Japanese Agency for International Cooperation Announced Commitment to Develop Iraqi Ports

Japanese Agency for International Cooperation "JICA" Announced the commitment to develop some of the Iraqi ports and navigational channels leading through it by the implementation to qualify the projects, based on the Japanese loan facilitator of Iraq in 2003.

Japanese agency said in a statement issued on Saturday, and Alsumaria News got a copy of it, they "are keen on the rehabilitation of the port sector in official aid given to Iraq," adding that "the projects financed by Japanese loan, which gave to Iraq during the International Donors Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq held in 2003, aims to improve the performance of the ports to the operational levels planned in the past, as well as increase their effectiveness, especially , Umm Qasr, commercial port. "

The statement pointed out that the projects include "The work of excavation of the river No. 1 in the port of Umm Qasr and the purchase of new navy equipment from excavator, cranes and equipment for shipping and unloading, as well as projects to lift ships, naval vessels sunk in the navigation channels and the establishment of free and commercial facilities near the port."

For his part, chairman of the Japanese loan at the General Company for Iraqi Ports, Captain Hussein Mohammed Abdullah in an interview with "Alsumaria News", said that "contract was signed on the implementation of the first draft of the Japanese ports of the loan with the Belgian company two days ago," pointing out that " Other projects will be implemented in the coming weeks.”

Abdullah stressed "the importance of development and rehabilitation of harbors and navigational channels leading to the advancement of their betterment and service to make it safe for shipping," stressing that "the completion of these projects and others will open the way for Iraq to obtain a certificate of the International Code for Ship and Port Security (ISPS).

Abdullah said , who served as assistant general manager of ports, that "the conditions of the Code does not apply to Iraqi ports and navigational channels at the moment," attributing the cause for " degradation of depths and drowning."

Abdullah said that "the commercial ports of Iraq will see a revival in 2010", stating that "contracts to be concluded during the current year include the purchase of 50 floats, for lighting and marking navigational channels and organize it in order to facilitate the passage of commercial vessels."

The province of Basrah, about 590 km south of Baghdad, has five commercial ports first port Al Maakal , which is located near the center of Basrah and established in 1916 by British forces that were exploited for military purposes and handed over to Iraqi authorities in 1937, and the port of FAO, who turned into port vessels and fishing boats, and in the early seventies was the establishment of port Umm Qasr, the largest and most important trading port, and in 1974 the port of Khor Al-Zubair was opened, and then the port of Abu Flus, which is located within the administrative borders of the Abu Al Kaseeb.

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