Industry Equipped Mobile Medical Clinics to Ministry of Health of Seven Billion Dinars

Ministry of Industry and Minerals in a statement, on Sunday, said that the General Company for Industrial Design and Consultation of draft is implementing mobile medical clinics for supplying the Ministry of Health of 100 clinic of this kind at a cost of seven billion dinars (about six million dollars), and they supplied the ministry with 25 clinics of this type used to serve fortieth annual visitors.

The statement has been received by agency Aswat Al Iraq on, Sunday, that this project "will serve 100 village and township in Iraq and produced clinics are to be valid as mobile hospitals."

The statement said that the mobile clinic "is a caravan area 40.5 square meters measuring 3x 13.5 mounted on a mobile truck, furnished and supplied with electric generators of power capacity of each of 15 KVA, also contains a unit for water desalination and liquidation as well as medical devices."

The statement also said that the project is implemented "in four months from the date of start 11/1/2010, the completion of the project is about 25%."

The ministry said in its statement that the first group of 25 mobile clinic "was actually delivered to the Ministry of Health and distributed to the governorates of Baghdad, Najaf and Babil to be in the service of visitors traveling to the holy city of Karbala to perform the ceremony of the fortieth annual visit and that work is underway to create 75 other clinics to be delivered to the Ministry of Health due time.

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