Dewan Wins Baghdad Design Contest

After months of study, registration and design work, Dewan Architects and Engineers, one of the region's leading architectural and engineering consulting firms, have done it. They submitted the winning design for the contest organized by Baghdad Municipality.

In the grand final Dewan were declared the winners and were presented with their award by the Iraqi Prime Minister Mr. Noori Al-Maliki. The Mayor of Baghdad, Dr.Sabir Nabat El Essawi was also present. Mr. Al-Maliki strongly iterated the importance of the conservation of religious tourism in Iraq and was full of praise for the initiative taken by Baghdad Municipality to preserve the heritage of Al Kadhimiya's religious and historically significant buildings.

The project is centered on the historic area - an integral part of which, are the holy shrines. It is also surrounded by the  historic market and the traditional houses which showcase cultural and religious activities. The main objective of the project is to enhance the position of Al Kadhimiya as a very special district of Greater Baghdad.


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