Basrah International Airport

The Basrah International Airport (BIA) Director, Mr. Abdulameer Kanim has released the following information regarding leasing of available land space on the Basra Airport footprint:

• The Basrah International Airport (BIA) Director has stated that companies (domestic and international) can lease land within the BIA airport grounds (outside of the USF-I COB limits) for a fee for a term of one or two years. Interested firms will need to supply their own trailers for office/housing/conference needs; supply their own water/sewage/electricity; and supply their own internal security. The cost, as quoted, is $150 per square meter per year, plus an additional 15% (of the total charge) for GOI-provided security (e.g. 1 square meter = $150 per year + $22.50/year for security = $172.50/square meter/year). This security surcharge is for the outer perimeter and Alpha Gate (main airport entrance) security. The leasee would be responsible for their own compound and security: static and movement. This policy instituted in January 2010.

• It is understood that the Ministry of Transportation has transferred control of the Airport facility assets (business center and hotel facility) to Iraqi Airways. From this, it is understood that this will allow for the subsequent privatization of these facilities…more details to follow as more information is delineated.

Please contact the BIA Director, Mr. Abdulameer Kanim’s office at the following:

Telephone: +964 40 822170 (land line)

Gavin Jones

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