Ericsson Seizes Opportunities in Iraq

Internet use in Iraq has grown more than twenty-fold since 2001, and the population is keen to use the internet as a tool for communication and business. Despite this, infrastructure is weak in many areas, and the Ministry of Communications has signed contracts with many foreign companies in its efforts to improve the situation.

With an eye to this increase in both mobile and fixed-line telecommunications, Ericsson has just opened a new branch office in Erbil. In his speech opening the new facility, Bo-Erik Dahlström, Head of Marketing for the Middle East, said, "there is a strong need of telecommunication solutions in Iraq and we strongly believe that Iraq has the potential to grow – we regard it as is one of the most strategic markets for growth for Ericsson”.

Mr. Tarek Saadi, Head of Account Unit for Northern Middle East, added, “Ericsson is now in Iraq and is open for business”.

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