Authmaan demands a negotiation team for Ministries Posts

Azzaman- Baghdad; Zeinah Sami- 11/3/2010

Mahmoud Authmaan (Kurdistan Party), has called for the establishing a negotiation team from all of the blocks, to take the lead of the negotiation process in Baghdad, to help anticipate the form of the next government, and he has said “ that his block has no views against a coalition with any block but and agreement must include resolving the Article no. 140”    He has intensified his requests of meeting all the wider Kurdistan block in Baghdad, to form a work- team, to seek coalitions with other blocks, that would help in the objectives of the Kurdish Block.

In addition, Khalid Al- Asady (State of Law), has suggested that Al-Maliky is qualified to take a second term, as his block would get the third of the seats at the Parliament, according to first data from the elections.

To reduce any concern over a security vacuum due to delays in forming the Government, Mr. Al-Asady has said that “the current Government would continue in its duties, according to the constitution until the new Government was formed”.    He added “ then any delays in the forming of the Government would not affect security, the work of the security institutions and bodies, or the executive procedures of the Government”, and also added that “ the State of Law has received many letters from other Blocks, to form a coalition, to establish the next Government but we have deferred discussing this after the results of the elections”.

Mr. Ja’afar Al-Mawsawy (Iraqi National Coalition) announced “the closeness between the blocks, especially the big ones based on the  early results should assist in forming the next Government quickly”.

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