Alaawy block tries to calm the battle for the State Presidency

Azzaman- Baghdad- Fawzi Al-Hindawy (11 May, 2010)

The battle about the position of the presidency has commenced, with attempts to combine it with the frame of the coalitions’ deals, to form the next government.   Kurdish politicians have claimed their anger is due to what has been declared by senior actors in the Al-Iraqia block (Alaawy Block), about the necessity of having the next president from the Arab block rather than the Kurdish.    

The Al-Iraqia party has tried to calm the situation down, when Maysaloun Al-Damlougy, said “Al-Iraqi has not nominated any candidate for the president position, and they are still waiting for the results of the elections”.

Sources at the Media Office at the Home Office of the Deputy- President Tariq Al-Hashimy- indicated the day before yesterday, that “ the allocation of the presidency position, is based on two options, one of them is Tariq Al-Hashimy, or as a fall-back the nomination of Ayad Alaawy for the PM position”, adding that there is already an agreement that the presidency poison should be taken by an Arab, and Alaawy is the most prominent candidate for it.

Abdul Kareem Al-Samaraay (the leader of Al-Tagdeed Movement) chaired by Al-Hashimy, aggravated the situation by stating that “Iraq is an Arabic Country, so its president should be from Arabs”.

 The Kurdistan Block, sees (according to Miss Nanyah Talat) that nominating Al-Talibany, is one of the main conditions of any coalitions their block would agree to - in addition to the implementation of Article No. 140 of the constitution, related to Kirkuk

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