From the Basra Press

Azzaman, Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

AL-Hakeem Discusses with the Islamic Party

Dialogue between the Chair of the Supreme Islamic Council- Seid Al-Hakeem- and Mr. Ausama Al-Tekreety (the Chair of the Islamic Party), about the political allocations post the elections.     The Media Office of the Supreme Islamic Council, that “the dialogue, which discussed the nature of conditions and the allocations and the challenges stand against Iraq, has been serious and fruitful”. Further, it is stated that the dialogue intensified the necessity of the joint cooperation among the key players of the game, and that the powers which gained the trust of the public, should coordinate their status, and should consult, and develop the co-vision, as it is related to the next stage.

Further more, Seid Al-Hakeem has met with the British Ambassador in Baghdad, on Monday, 15 March 2010. And according to the Supreme Islamic Council Office, the two have discussed different issues related to the general conditions in Iraq; the ways of strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries; the processing of the elections; and the current attempts, to set up the coalitions and the next government.

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