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Al-Maliky takes the top, over Alaawy and Al-Hashimy State Law Coalition takes the biggest vote in Baghdad and Basra, having counted 60% of voting in Baghdad.

16 March, 2010 By Monday (15 March, 2010), 60% of the votes in Baghdad, have been counted the Stae Law Coalition headed by Al-Maliky has taken the first place ollowed by the former PM (Iyad Alaawy) in second place and the National Iraqi Coalition in third.

The findings are different in Basra, after having counted 70%of the votes; Al- Maliky stands at the first, then the National Iraqi Coalition, ands then the Iraqia to be on the third place. What should be noted that  the % of votes for Al-Maliky in Basra than in Baghdad.

This implies that Al-Maliky would take the majoity of the 21 seats allocated for Basra and have significant influence the processing of the reconstructiona and development chances for Basra during the next four years.

The Independent High Comission for Elections, has confirmed that Al-Maliky has obtained more than 518,000 vote, whereas Alawy’s has gained 453,000vote, to stand on the second place.    The National Iraqi Coalition - which includes Shia’ parties - has got less than 324,000 vote.

Baghdad shall hold 70 seats out of the 325 seats for the next Parliament cabinet. The figures known indicate strongly that Al-Maliky will be the biggest block at the parliament, which implies an influencial role in the forming of the next government.

Irbil/ Al-mashriq Follow up- Tuesday, 16 March, 2010 The key player in the Kurdistanic Democratic Party- Nejerfan Barazany- has stated the last Monday (15 March, 2010), that the current Iraqi president - Jalal Al-Talibany - is the key candidate of the his party, to the next presidency position in Iraq.    So, he has called the Kurdish parties upon, to support his nomination to a new presidency term.

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