Conference Calls for Supporting Reconstruction Projects in Diala

Participants in a reconstruction conference in Baaquba on Monday have agreed to ease the difficulties facing the reconstruction operations in Diala, and to return 360 billion Iraqi dinars which were allocated to the province.

“Representatives of 15 ministries as well as officials of the executive and legislative authorities attended the reconstruction conference which was held in Baaquba city,” Rasem Ismail, the Diala governor’s advisor for the reconstruction and investment affairs, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“The participants asserted the importance of exerting more efforts to bring back 360 billion Iraqi dinars which were allocated to Diala, which were canceled by the federal government after the end of the legal period to implement projects,” he added.

Baaquba, the capital of Diala, lies 57 km northeast of Baghdad.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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