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Weekly Security Report for 12 Aug 2010

National Overview The reporting period saw a significant rise in the number of recorded incidents in Baghdad, as Al Qaeda in Iraq and Al Qaeda in Iraq Associated Movements seek to re-establish their grip on the City. An attack on an Iraqi Police check point that resulted in an Al Qaeda in Iraq flag being […]

Weekly Security Update

National Overview On 2 August President Obama affirmed that the U.S. combat troops would leave Iraq at the end of the month, though he noted that a reduced U.S. presence of 50,000 troops will remain in Iraq under a less military guise.  These troops will make up a transitional force until the final U.S. withdrawal […]

Lesson 6: Inviting Friends for Dinner

The bellman brings Ryan’s bag to the room. Bellman:  Ustaath, wehn aHuT il janTa? العامِل: أُستاذ وين أحُط الجَنطه؟ Sir, where may I put the bag? Ryan:  Rajaa’ann HuTha ‘all sirir. راين: رجاءً حُطها عالسِرير. Please put it on the bed. Bellman:  Ustaath, inta tiHtaaj ba’ad fed shi? العامِل: أُستاذ، إنتَ تِحتاج بَعَد فَد شي؟ […]

Vocabulary – Lesson 6

Iraqi عربي English ustaath أُستاذ sir aani aHuT آني أحُط                        I put HuTa (m) حُطه                             put it (m) HuTha (f) حُطهه                           put it (f) ‘ala على on il siriir السِرير                          the bed inta tiHtaaj إنتَ تِحتاج                     you need fed shi فَد شي                          something ba’ad fed shi بَعَد فَد شي                    something, anything else musaa’adtak مُساعَدتَك                      […]

Can Iraqi security forces stand up as the US stands down?

One of the advantages of working with a Private Security Company is that you can get out and about in Iraq, visiting the provinces and districts where the really important local dynamics are unfolding. Every village and every checkpoint in Iraq offers a partial microcosm of national-level trends. Getting into local communities can be a […]

Weekly Security Update

National Overview The total number of hostile incidents reported nationally was 117, an increase of 9 from the previous reporting period. The number of incidents in the south central region increased again, the third consecutive rise. Elsewhere the number of incidents was within the normally expected levels; however the lethality of the attacks increased in […]

Weekly Security Update

National Overview Nationally recorded incident levels stayed at 108 this week, a level consistent with the most reporting periods throughout the year. There was little variation in week on week incident numbers for each of the regions. The north central and Baghdad regions continued to account for the majority of hostile incidents. The north central […]

Weekly Security Update

National Overview Nationally recorded incident levels saw an increase from 85 to 108 in the reporting period. The main reason for the increase was Sunni insurgent targeting of Shia pilgrims en route to the Moussa Kadhim shrine in Baghdad. The north central and Baghdad regions continued to account for the majority of hostile incidents.  Baghdad […]

Vocabulary - Lesson 5

Iraqi عربي English ashkurak أشکُرَك                  I thank you shgad شگد                     how much, how many nisayt نِسیت                    (I) forgot gilitlii گِلِتلي (you) told me alfehn الفين two thousand aani at-thekkar آني أتذَکَر                         I remember aani ariid آني أرید                           I want aani adfa’ آني أدفَع                          I pay aani adfa’lak آني أدفَعلَك                   […]

Lesson 5 - At The Hotel

LESSON 5:  AT THE HOTEL AHmed drives Ryan to the front door of the Baghdad Hotel. AHmed:  Haatha  finduq  Baghdad.  Itfathal, ustaath. أحمد: هذا فِندُق بَغداد . إتفَضَل أُستاذ . This is the Baghdad Hotel.  Please, sir. Ryan:  Ashkurak.  Shgad il ujrah?  Aani nsayt inta shgilitlii. راين: أشکُرَك . شگد الأُجره‌ ؟ آني نسیت إنتَ‌ […]

Weekly Security Update

National Overview There were 105 incidents reported nationally between 20 – 26 June showing a small decrease in the level of incidents from the previous week when 123 were officially reported. The number of Explosively Formed Projectiles used in that period dropped from eight to two, both of which occurred in Basra, targeting a Private […]


Weekly Security Update

National Overview The number of incidents reported nationally showed a slight decrease from 145 last week to 123 incidents this week.  Marked fluctuations in incident levels have become characteristic of the security picture in 2010 as security force initiatives reach the more difficult stage of trying to uproot the foundation of insurgent groups in Iraq. […]